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12 Unique Wix Bookings Sites That Draw in Customers

By Rebecca Strehlow

This post was last updated on November 18, 2020.

If you’re a small business owner, it’s important that you allow customers to make purchases through your website. Not only is this crucial for selling goods online, but it’s especially valuable if you’re offering a service.

You’ll want to ensure that clients have the ability to book your service directly from your website. Luckily, that’s possible thanks to Wix Bookings. Your clients can effortlessly schedule both private or group appointments, and you can accept payments as well as send out email reminders.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 12 effective bookings websites for inspiration as you create a website of your own. All these sites use a combination of beautiful design and effective online bookings pages to connect with customers and make sales.


Looking at the adorable puppy on the first fold will make you fall in love with this site instantly. In addition to being visually appealing, the website is straightforward and intuitive to navigate. It outlines the available services people can book online using clear calls-to-action that help guide visitors toward their desired offering.

To facilitate bookings, customers can sign in to a dedicated members area on the site. From there, they can log in to their own account and book their preferred appointments online as well as keep track of past ones. Additional features of this service business site include the business’s contact information and a map displaying its location.

If you’re interested in adding other crucial elements like this to your site, take a look at this guide on how to create a professional service based website.


How do you stand out in a sea of competition, especially within a saturated market like hairdressing? With a professional website, of course.

What starts as a minimalistic site gives way to a lush and photography-rich experience. Playful icons adorn the array of listed services, with a combination of visuals and words that catches the visitor’s eye. At the same time, the neutral color palette helps the bright blue Book Now button stand out at the top of their site.


Fury Room is a service that helps you relieve stress by letting you go into a room and break things. You can do it with others or go at it alone, but it’s a cathartic experience that’s all in the name of fun.

Their site is well-constructed and carefully thought out. First, it’s a multilingual website that is offered in both English and French, helping the business reach a broader audience. The company has further anticipated their clients’ needs by including an FAQ page, complete with helpful information for break room first-timers. On top of that, they include a must-have feature for any business - live chat - to facilitate communication with their customers.

Lastly, they use their bookings website to present customers with a package picker that provides descriptions and prices of each service. All of this is wrapped up in an attractive black and yellow color scheme, along with a powerful custom logo.


From the chic photos to the elegant color palette of black, white and light pink, this Wix bookings website perfectly fits the tone for formal wear. To navigate to the bookings page, visitors can scroll down the homepage to the Appointment Only section, and then click Book Online. From there, they’ll see a clear outline of each service - complete with eye-catching photographs, concise descriptions and a button for booking online.

Other visual elements further enhance the website. The choice of font, for example, is both classic and feminine, while the sewing machine logo adds a unique touch and illustrates the nature of their services. This combination of factors makes the site well worth browsing for inspiration as you create your own bookings website.


Upon first glance, NutriMe’s green and white brand colors evoke vibrancy and health. Diana, a nutritionist from Australia, presents a site that instantly makes viewers feel fresh and revitalized. The high-quality images of healthy food, as well as informational text, gives visitors an immediate understanding of her offerings.

A Book tab in the header prompts guests to browse through NutriMe’s various packages. A Back to Top button further facilitates navigation, providing an easy way to get back to the top of the page.

The website footer contains additional information, including contact details and social media links, to help Diana grow her customer base and enable people to get in touch. On some of the pages, including the homepage and contact page, Diana has placed a signup form directly above the footer to encourage visitors to subscribe to her newsletter.


As soon as you enter this distillery’s website, you’ll feel as if your tour has already begun. The Find Your Experience section on the homepage entices viewers with a visual display of its services, from tastings to mixology and everything in between.

It’s also designed with easy website navigation in mind. Each tour has its own dedicated page that provides all of the details customers need to know. The images and videos are vivid, too. The small icons at the top allow visitors to quickly recognize the key information they need to know: pickup, duration, and what’s included in the package. In addition, a separate Contact page makes use of a contact form so that visitors can reach out to the distillery directly from their website.


Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club offers a one-of-a-kind service: motorcycle tours through the Himalayas. With large scale videos that show off real footage from past tours, the website captures the imagination and intrigues potential customers. On top of that, the site has a gallery page that showcases their Instagram feed and YouTube videos, helping people get a feel for their tours before booking.

It’s also incredibly informative and offers answers to any questions visitors may have, with in-depth descriptions of what each tour entails, rates and a calendar of availability. Signing up for a tour is easy and efficient - a Book Now button at the top right of the homepage guides visitors directly to the online bookings page.


This aerial arts website strategically uses a video on the first fold to capture the visitors’ attention. Next to this is a clever play on words - “Come hang with us” - giving the company a sense of humor that makes them stand out.

On top of this, the class schedule is a helpful addition for visitors who want to search for events. Interested customers can choose the event and then immediately sync it with their Google Calendar. On the bookings page, visitors can select from a seemingly endless array of offerings, and conveniently book directly from the site.


This website is home to an acupuncture service offered by Brazilian acupuncturist Fabi. The site is designed in a way that evokes warmth, tranquility and healing, with a cheerful and varied color scheme. The images on the website are particularly notable, with modern graphics that bring to mind Chinese traditional medicine.

Fabi makes it simple to schedule an appointment, with an Appointments tab in the navigation menu of her website. By clicking on this tab, clients are immediately taken to a list of options that includes the amount of time each service takes and its price.


Commercial realtor Wyatt Franta has a professional real estate agent website that clearly highlights his specialities and makes it easy for clients to get in touch. The website opens with an image of an attractive modern home, overlaid with Wyatt’s own portrait. Directly beneath that is an About section that describes Wyatt’s achievements and experience, along with links to his Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter accounts.

The site was designed with marketing strategy in mind, helping drive visitors through the sales funnel. With two strategic CTAs - “Book a 15-Min Call” and “Start Here” - Wyatt compels people to schedule a consultation with him and get started with his services.


HERoines Inc is a women’s empowerment organization that hosts events with guest speakers, hand-on games and open conversations. Their website is beautiful, too, with a feminine pink and purple color scheme, large-scale images of members and participants, and testimonials.

Visitors can get involved by clicking the Events tab in the navigation bar at the top of the site. There, they can see a list of events that cover everything from self care to relationships. An RSVP & Register button allows them to book events and purchase tickets online.


Veronica Solomon has a host of titles: designer, design mentor, blogger, speaker and micro-influencer. Her interior design website showcases her brand Casa Vilora Interiors, which is known for its bold, luxurious aesthetic.

In addition to displaying photos of her work, her website makes it easy for visitors to book appointments. A variety of buttons draw in interested clients - including the red Book Now button in the navigation bar, the drop down menu in the Contact tab, and the Book a Free Session CTA further down the homepage. Veronica’s online booking page offers a wide array of options, from a free Discovery Phone Call to a Window Treatment Consultation.

By presenting customers with the convenience of online booking, Veronica Solomon and other Wix Bookings sites provide valuable inspiration as you build your own professional website.


Image Credits Featured Image: WIX

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