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Simple HACK To Finding GREAT KEYWORDS For Your Business Using Google AdWords.

By Ian Meyer

Alright, guys. Today I am going to teach you a little hack you can use as a small business owner. When it comes to SEO, your keywords are so important. When you use those keywords on social media they become hashtags.

How do you know what hashtags are best for your business? The ones people are searching most online?

You can pay nothing and make an educated guess, certainly. You can also pay for a subscription to a program that helps you find keywords, sure. But where is that sweet spot in the middle? Google Adwords.

By using this one little trick, you can figure out what keywords people are actually searching to find you without paying a dime. PLUS, if you’ve never run Adwords before, you can get $100 in free google ads in the process.

Now, the free ads would only be free if you’ve never used Google Adwords from your google account, so first you want to look into whether or not you’ve ever used google Adwords before. If you have, you can go in and look at an old campaign or even just run a new one for a couple of days say for $20 bucks to have the most recent keywords on hand.

Click on the little shop icon labeled "My Business"

But now to start, you must have a Gmail account. And must also set up your Google My Business that’s attached to it.

If you simply open your browser, you’ll see your business logo in the top right corner. Go head and click that.

From there a small window opens up where you can go to Gmail, YouTube, etc. as well as Google My Business, click on that.


Once you’re in Google My Business, go to the options you see to your left and towards the bottom.

You will want to click

“Create an ad”.


Once you’re in there you’ll see a huge button that says “create new campaign”, click on that.

From there you will have to go through the motions to set up your Google Ad, they walk you through it it’s very easy.


Once you run your ad, its going to say you have to spend $50 to get $100 in free ads but once you actually get to that $50 mark they bring it back down to zero and credit you another $50. So as long as you keep an eye on it and pause your campaign by the time you spend $100. You’ll end up paying nothing, get $100 worth of free Google Ads, and have some valuable keywords in the process that you can use as great hashtags in your social media.

Keep in mind you won't have these keywords pop up immediately, you must run a campaign first. But after a week or two of running ads, there is a place within your "insights" that is called "Search phrases".

Click on "Search phrases" and when you do you will see a list similar to the one you see below here. There ya go, the top keywords and key phrases that were used to connect Google searches to your website. Cool, right?

Here is a list of "Search phrases"

Of course if you ever need any help, feel free to reach out in the comments section below or in the comments of this video on our YouTube Channel. Thanks!

Want to learn more on how? Dig a little deeper into the Business Builders website. I have dedicated my time and energy into putting together a complete training course on building websites that business owners like you can easily pick up on and understand.

Not only do I show you how easy it is, and take you step by step on how to build a website. I also show you how to make custom graphics on Photoshop. I show you how to do your own Social Media Marketing. As well as provide all sorts of knowledge and hard lessons only a fellow entrepreneur can share. And a sprinkle of motivation here and there to keep you going, too.

I also offer lots of free content as well so check it out! Thanks and I hope to see you on the other side.


Article By: Ian Meyer - Entrepreneur and Creator of Business Builders Club

Ian has been infected entrepreneurial spirit since he was a child, from small time hustles like mowing the neighbors lawn to selling drugs as a teen. In his 30's he went on to run what would become the #1 Tour in Boston, MA. As a way to pivot during COVID19, he is working on multiple projects trying to make a path to the next chapter of his life.

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