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Social Media Marketing For Your Business... Fast!

By Ian Meyer

Here I show you in real time just how quickly a social media blast can be done across your social media platforms. Not only that, how fast you can throw in a custom photo made in Photoshop.


A few months back, you may remember a blog post that I wrote for Business Builders that talked about Social Media Marketing. In it I explained some of my strategies as well as tips and tricks on how I set things up to move quickly.

Just as I explained, it doesn't have to be hard... at all! And once you have things like your social media accounts bookmarked in your bookmarks bar, or pre-written text saved somewhere like a text file, word doc, or previous post. You're going to fly right through it!

Example of social media accounts saved on your bookmarks bar.

In this video, I also give you a glimpse into the 2021 version of Photoshop. And how you can easily make a custom looking image from a logo, some simple text and a nice clear, high-resolution photo.

My hope, is that this will help anyone who feels intimidated or overwhelmed about doing their own custom graphics and Social Media Marketing. Once you watch this short video and see what I do and how easily it is done, I believe you will be able to breathe a little easier.

Remember, I am just another business owner like you. If I can do it, you can do it!

Want to learn more on how? Dig a little deeper into the Business Builders website at . I have dedicated my time and energy into putting together a complete training course on building websites that business owners like you can easily pick up on and understand.

Not only do I show you how easy it is, and take you step by step on how to build a website. I also show you how to make custom graphics on Photoshop. I show you how to do your own Social Media Marketing. As well as provide all sorts of knowledge and hard lessons only a fellow entrepreneur can share. And a sprinkle of motivation here and there to keep you going, too.

I also offer lots of free content as well so check it out! Thanks and I hope to see you on the other side.


Article By: Ian Meyer - Entrepreneur and Creator of Business Builders Club

Ian has been infected entrepreneurial spirit since he was a child, from small time hustles like mowing the neighbors lawn to selling drugs as a teen. In his 30's he went on to run what would become the #1 Tour in Boston, MA. As a way to pivot during COVID19, he is working on multiple projects trying to make a path to the next chapter of his life.

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