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A little about A2C Web Design & SEO

Hello, My name is Ian Meyer, Founder of A2C Web Design & SEO. I have been building websites for 25 years. If you rewind back to the mid 90's you would find me teaching myself how to code HTML and make simple graphics on a modest image editing program, so I could build websites about my favorite bands and sports. As I got older In the years that followed, that interest became the passion that always accompanied my career in business. 

Above all I am an entrepreneur, and over the years I used my passion for building websites as a tool to help me in my various pursuits (as well as be the guy to always help friends and family members with their websites). From a landscaping business in my teens, to a small construction business in my early 20's. A point-of-sale installation business to in my late 20's to starting Boston Segway Tours when I turned 30. All of these things I did, I always did my own websites and marketing.

In 2016, Boston Segway Tours was on its 2nd season in business and I had just made a huge investment into 21 new Segways, as well as had just signed a 6 year lease for the space I was using in Downtown Boston. I had serious debts to pay and obligations to meet. Out of nowhere, right as the peak of our season came, a competitor opened up a Segway tour company in Cambridge, MA and called the business "Boston Segway" - one word short of my exact name, "Boston Segway Tours".

I was pretty devastated to say the least, but it didn't stop there. This person created not one or two, but many different fake Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles using variations of the words "Boston", "Segway" and more - all which lead to his 1 website. This person paid for Yelp ads to be on my Yelp page. This person created a facebook profile dedicated to slandering me personally.


I had a crisis to deal with, seeing as in tourism you only have those few months to make your money for the year. My livelihood was being threatened and my entire business was in jeopardy. Since I knew a thing or two about websites and social media marketing, I began using my experience as a weapon to fight back.


I learned about on-page and off-page SEO and began implementing the things I learned to help optimize my website and improve my ranking on Google. I learned in-depth about Social Media Marketing and began to build my reputation online to help distinguish the official "Boston Segway Tours" from the fake pages. I dove deep into learning about Google Adwords and Google Analytics as I put PPC ads all over Google and tracked the data to keep improving my conversion rate and lower my bid costs. I learned about Facebook Ads, about YouTube ads... I had the fear of losing everything, driving me day and night to overcome this living nightmare I was in.

In 2017, my competitor closed for business and there was only one Segway tour in the Boston area once again. But now I was determined to master this craft. I went from spending $60k on marketing in 2016, to spending $25k in 2017, to spending $10-15k in 2018 and beyond. My little tour company was up against the giants in the industry like Old Town Trolley and Boston Duck Tours who have huge marketing budgets, yet I was still able to take us from a no-name tour company to the #1 tour on TripAdvisor - going on 4 years in a row now this June of 2020. 

Boston Segway Tours is on its 7th season now... About a year or so a friend of mine asked me if I could help him with some web design / SMM work for a group of attorneys in New York. Around the same time one of my own attorneys asked me if  I could help him too, with the same type of work. It was then that something clicked and I decided to listen to that inner voice and follow my passion for web design and development and create A2C Web Design & SEO. 

As successful as Boston Segway Tours is, seasonal businesses are difficult. So I wanted to start something else that can bring income to me year round so I could stop suffering through long, miserable winters when tourism in Boston comes to a screeching halt. I had already had a few attorneys as clients, and when 2020 came around, I decided to commit more time and effort into A2C. At the start of the year, I decided to join BNI's Seaport Chapter called "BNI Innovation" and held the digital marketing seat for the group, further committing to my work.


Then right as the 2020 tourism season was due to start picking up again, COVID19 came and has since ravaged the country, especially major cities like Boston.


Boston Segway Tours has definitely been a casualty of the virus, it has been hit hard. Very hard. At first I was lost and did nothing but follow the news and stress endlessly over what is going to happen to a business I had sunk my entire life into for the past 5 years. Endless money, time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears went into Boston Segway Tours. Every day I still worry what the future holds now for the tourism industry moving forward.

But rather than wait for Boston Segway Tours to die a slow death, I've decided to turn lemons into lemonade, take advantage of this moment, and give everything I have into A2C Web Design & SEO. 

Then as things do, everything changed


I was getting jobs and things were building up but I noticed something about the industry that I wanted to address, so I sort of dropped everything and decided to build a website that offers options. You can choose to have us build your website and do your digital marketing, or we can train you how to do it yourself. Through this revelation, Business Builders Club was born.

But because I have spent so much time on the SEO for this very website, I felt like it would be a shame for all of that work to go to waste. So with that said, I have decided to turn this website into a source of information. A place that offers tons of information that is not only valuable but free

So please, check out all the information we provide in our blog articles. Check out our "Services" pages, and if you are just starting out and looking for something to inspire or straight up copy, have at it! I'm okay with it. I want this website to be used as a resource not only to business owners trying to learn about this industry but to anyone trying to make a living in this industry.

Stay tuned, come back often, even subscribe to our mailing list as new articles will be released often regarding Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design and more! 


 I hope our website is of use to you. Have a great day!


Ian Meyer

Our Mission


We believe that character is just as important as expertise. We check our egos at the door, we do what we say, and we always try to be candid but caring.


At A2C, we strive to master our craft, stay up to date with industry changes, and work closely with each other to learn, share and inspire confidence.


We’ve cultivated a community wherein members are able to express ideas and feedback, give first, enjoy the journey, and invest in relationships.

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