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Wix ranks for more than 300,000 keywords and creates the content people are looking for

Success story by SEM Rush

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"By using SEMrush, my team saves a lot of time by working on the right content and in a more data-driven way. Everything we do here is backed up with data, and your tool is giving us more ammunition."

Idan Segal, Organic Growth Lead Wix

About Wix:

Wix is a web development platform with over 150 million users in 190 countries. It was founded in 2006 and quickly grew into the leader in website creation, committed to providing the latest features and capabilities that enable anyone to create a professional online presence. The company offers social plug-ins, e-commerce, online marketing, contact forms, e-mail marketing, and community forums to their websites.

Business Challenge:

From day one, SEO has been on Wix’s agenda. Idan Segal, Organic Growth Lead at Wix, believes in traffic and a carefully planned user experience strategy. The website-building company certainly had their bread and butter pages, but ultimately wanted to find customers’ real pain points to drive significant change.

As a global company that operates in almost every country in the world, Wix understands that all of its pages should perform equally well, regardless of the language they are in. As the customer base was growing and the number of languages was increasing proportionally, the right content strategy for the website was becoming ever more challenging. Wix needed to produce large amounts of content and produce them quickly.

In such a competitive and fast market, Wix could see that technology was also changing rapidly: “Google is evolving all the time and we just must keep up the pace,” comments Idan. It was essential for them to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations to guarantee they provide the best user experience, so Wix wanted the best tool they could find for that.


Customer satisfaction is at the top of Wix’s priorities. Idan explains: “My philosophy is very clear: we must give users the best experience we can. For me, using the Keyword Research tool by SEMrush is an amazing way to keep our SEO modernized. SEMrush is my right hand for many tasks, it helps me and my team to strategize.”

“In the end, it’s all about users’ behavior,” continues Idan. “I want to give users the right journey, the right results, make their experience as pleasant and efficient as it can be. It is important to understand user intent and create dedicated pages for that. To do that, I need the most advanced tools. SEMrush really helps me achieve that. The evolution of your product goes hand in hand with the rapid evolution of SEO.”

SEMrush enables Wix to produce versatile and, most importantly, effective content. “The name of the game is Content Marketing,” says Idan. “SEO is much bigger than keywords. It’s about context, semantics, finding the topics that support your main business, creation of new dedicated pages.”

Their blog is an essential part of Wix’s website. It allows Idan and his team to really focus on the issues crucial to the target audience. “The blog gives us an opportunity to scale. Our key aim is to help users with the topics that are close to our product: from branding questions to social media solutions, domain selection etc. In order for us to touch the real pains of 170mln users, we run the blog and provide the best possible answers in many niches.”

SEMrush plays an integral role in that: “With SEMrush Content Marketing tools, the Keyword Magic Tool, and Topic Research we find endless opportunities. By using your tool we are fulfilling our potential in a much better way than we used to.” As a result, Wix is currently ranking for more than 300,000 keywords and has monthly traffic of over 52mln visitors.

Given the nature of the business, Wix operates in a very competitive market. Idan confirms: “It’s a very competitive environment. You have competition in your main area of business, then you have competitors in the blog area, which consists of such diverse topics - the competition is endless. We’re trying to reinvent ourselves on a daily basis.”

SEMrush’s Advertising Research helps Wix to see what kinds of ads their competition are running, to understand how they approach their users. Wix are well equipped to learn from them, too.

Being such a huge international company can be tricky. Not only do you need to have your website localized in a variety of languages, but you should also have all of your content adapted to each particular region. Idan confirms: “Localization is critical, no two markets are the same. Each country has different tastes, so you need to know how to touch the markets. SEMrush makes this job much more efficient.”

“To be able to produce such an amount of content in so many different languages and in all those different niches makes me really proud. The fact that we are a massive player and a market leader in so many GEOs speaks for itself,” says Idan.

Idan also finds SEMrush to be effective for scalability: “In our business, we need to scale fast, to produce a huge amount of content. By using SEMrush, my team saves a lot of time by working on the right content and in a more data-driven way. Everything we do here is backed up with data, and your tool is giving us more ammunition. Since we’ve been using it, we’ve improved dramatically: traffic, the number of valuable keywords we are getting ranked for, identified opportunities that would probably take us longer to discover without SEMrush.”


Wix has a deep understanding of their 170mln user audience pain points

Thanks to the thorough research available with SEMrush, Wix can clearly see what their users want and this helps them run an effective blog.

Successful global operation in 19 sub-domains

Wix can rely on SEMrush tools to provide them with the best local keywords for their international content strategy.

Easy scalability for a fast and rapidly changing business environment

Wix can produce as much content as required, thanks to SEMrush. They are ranking for 300,000 keywords and all content generated is always data driven.


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